In March 2001, I birthed my first child. It was a no-drug, all natural birth. My first born child weighed 8 pounds, 15 ounces.


Yes, OUCH is the word you’re looking for!


If you’re a parent, you know what the newborn stage is like. Lots of crying, diaper changes, and super long exhausting nights.


I was lucky. My firstborn was pretty laid back. I remember him crying for no reason only FOUR times at the most. He was very easily soothed. However, I endured two months of recurring mastitis which was awful.


But I didn’t give up. Still haven’t. Fortunately I don’t have mastitis anymore.


Sixteen (16) months after my first child crowned me Mother, I gave birth to another baby boy. He was not laid back.


I like to say I had twins the easy way and that’s being generous! I used to think twins would be fun, and then I had one newborn…yup, I’m good!


As the saying goes, Parenthood is the scariest hood you’ll ever go through.


I’ll let that quote stand without any further words from me. If you’re currently raising a challenging newborn or a tantrumy toddler, I don’t want to scare you with my adventures in parenting teens.


It’s been…yeah. Some kind of scary adventure.


However, birthing a book. 


I’ve given birth naturally five times. And let’s just say that self-publishing kind of reminds me of that.


You see books in the bookstores. (You see moms and babies in public looking all put together.)


You may know of people who’ve published books. (Your own mom raised you just fine, didn’t she?)


You might be like me and think, “Aww, lucky them. Must be nice to have your name on a book.” (Before kids, you might have thought, “Awww, wouldn’t it be nice to have a family?!”)


But it’s not that easy. (BUT YOU REALLY HAD NO IDEA!!!)


And I’m still not sure that I’m done with formatting my first two books which are now available on Amazon. (I’m still not sure my kids are gonna turn out okay!)


My children’s book writing adventures began in November 2016 when I wrote “Billy Beaver Saves Christmas” for my youngest child’s birthday. However, the idea of a children’s book started years earlier.


Sure, I’d written a couple other stories and poems for family member’s birthdays (and Father’s Day) but nothing that I was super-crazy proud of. You know the kind, right? It’s like looking back at a Kindergarten craft that you must have done while blindfolded and under the influence of a lot of cough syrup.


Then again, I may look back at these two books one day and say, “What was I thinking?!”


I uploaded “Billy Beaver Saves Christmas” to Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon), told hardly a sole about it, and watched sadly as I got zero sales.

2016 Rookie mistake.


Or maybe I was saving the world from my Kindergarten-crazy-craft-like ramblings.



This November, Billy Beaver was heavily revised.



It’s got a new cover. And it’s also available in print (minus page numbers, I’m SORRY!).

From this…

Billy Beaver Saves Christmas


To this!

Billy Beaver Saves Christmas



I wrote “Simon, the Shortest Monster in the World” in April 2019. I don’t remember why. I know my inspiration but I’m not sure why I decided to write a picture book.


I knew I wanted to write books. I know I have a lot of books – and most importantly a lot of IDEAS – inside me that I want to share with the world.


But why do I want to (self) publish? This I still don’t truly understand.


Apparently I like banging my head against a brick wall and expecting it to change into an ocean.


It feels a lot like parenthood.


If I knew it would be this tough, I’m not sure I would have done it. Ha ha, of course I would! I’m just not ready to relive all the details yet. Because it’s not over.


Am I talking about being a mom or self-publishing? You decide.



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