Angela Bergmann has lived on the Canadian Prairies her entire life.

As a child, she dreamed of becoming a vet or stand-up comedian. Today she writes creative children’s stories about tenacious animals and other quirky creatures.

Angela has written two classic Christmas chapter books for early/middle grades called, “Billy Beaver saves Christmas,” and “Billy Beaver Saves Christmas…Again.”

“Simon the Shortest Monster in the World,” is her third book baby.

When she’s not writing, Angela keeps busy with her five children, two dogs and a cat, and she’s married to the owner of a sports card shop.


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Simon, the Shortest Monster in the World


Simon is the shortest monster at home. At school. And probably in the whole entire world!

Simon hates being short because he can’t reach the top shelf. And if he’s stuck behind a classmate, he gets into trouble.

Even though Simon follows all of his Momma’s advice, nothing helps him grow. Maybe he’ll have to learn to be content as the shortest monster in the world. And he’ll get help from a new friend who has problems of his own.

A picture book for children aged 3-8.

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A Children’s Christmas Classic

Billy is just an ordinary beaver from Winnipeg. He loves snow, he loves sugar cookies, and he absolutely loves Christmas! So when he finds out that Santa’s cancelling Christmas, Billy comes up with a plan to lure him down to Winnipeg on December 24th.

However, the principal of Black Forest School hijacks Billy’s plan. Principal Pal takes full credit for Billy’s idea and he does something unthinkable that will surely ruin Christmas forever!

Billy turns to his Mom and Dad for help. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, Billy learns all about hard work. He also learns that giving up the credit for his master plan is harder than baking enough sugar cookies to fill his garage.

A chapter book for children in elementary school.

Revised Version Now Available!